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Stop wasting your time with B.S. business, health and fitness advice.

Discover a better way to business success and work-life balance.

Let’s face it: Your business is struggling. And so is your health. You're not getting any younger and, as you age, you struggle to keep up with the demands of life.

You make goals: to get clients, lose weight, eat better, sleep more, spend more time with family, improve your career, make more money, get more done...and you struggle to achieve your goals.

To make matters worse, your biology is slowing - meaning that you have less strength and less energy...and, as a result, your health suffers. It’s a downward spiral.

But it doesn’t have to be this way...

Jason Ryer helps people like you achieve their goals. He's a certified Bulletproof Coach who helps clients identify and remove their limiting beliefs, clarify and achieve their goals, and optimize their performance - sleep, diet, exercise and stress - so that they kick ass at life. Jason created Zen Strength to put an end to your struggle and simplify your health, your fitness - and your life.

How do you unlock this one secret - to be bulletproof and achieve your goals? Schedule your free coaching session now.

Jason Ryer - Zen Strength - Bulletproof Coach

Jason Ryer

Certified Bulletproof Coach

Business Consultant


Software Consultant

Biohacking business success.

And work-life balance.


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Zen Strength Coaching Testimonial from Daniela D

"After 2 months of coaching, I'm happy to report that my energy levels are good, I'm consistently going to the gym and I'm well on my way to getting stronger and losing weight. Jason went much deeper by addressing my sleep, diet and stress. He also asked me about other goals in my life and helped me prepare for a job interview. Thanks to Jason, I went into the interview with confidence and, although I was competing among 100 applicants, I got the job! This means a raise, promotion and more interesting work. I highly recommend Jason as a coach!"

- Daniela D.

What's the ONE best - fastest and most effective - way to boost your energy, burn fat, lower stress, achieve your goals and feel great?

Work with a coach. But not just any coach. A Bulletproof Coach.

Zen Strength Coaching Testimonial from Cornelia N

"Jason had a very positive focus that empowered me and allowed me to find out for myself how best to address my challenges and reach my goals. I discovered how coaching will help to achieve goals so much quicker, readjust imbalances in habits - like earlier bedtime and meal rhythm. And of course Jason’s outsider insights and discrete questions were very helpful. He also helped me clarify my ideal career and how that fit in with my financial goals. Thank you, Jason! I will definitely recommend your services."

- Cornelia N.

What's keeping you from achieving your goals? You.

What will help you achieve your goals faster than ever? A Bulletproof Coach.

Zen Strength Bulletproof Coaching Testimonial from Tiaré Lindahl

"Jason is the perfect go to coach, after he helps you set your present day goals he gets you to dig deeper to discover your actual desires. He helped me realize and tap into what I really wanted to do with my life. Jason is very analytical so he can figure things out so easily when your stuck. He clarified my immediate goals and was always eager to talk and share all his insightful ideas and intelligence and of course Bulletproof hacks for life. All along I felt Jason believed in me and my abilities. He had my back for the 8 weeks. I feel empowered now that we had our sessions and am so excited for what the New Year 2017 has to offer me!"

- Tiaré L.

What's keeping you from achieving your goals? You.

What will help you achieve your goals faster than ever? A Bulletproof Coach.

Zen Strength